Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What If …

Sometimes as I sit alone,
And look back upon life,
I often keep pondering,
Of a thought in my mind,
Haunting me over and again,
Putting a spade upon my heart,
That so much refuses to leave,
As I see you walk out of the door ,
And sense you out of my life,
A question that I fear to answer,
What if I had never let you go?
Would you be the man,
I always wanted to know ? 

And then I keep wondering ,
With a guilt in my heart,  
And endless questions in my mind,
If only I could still put up stayed, 
And that if you had really tried,
Had I not stopped making an effort,
And if our relation,
Had got some more time,
If you had only prayed ,
That I always be by your side,
We still could have stayed together,
It’s not that we did not try,
But one more chance,
We surely did deserve,
Not sure if things would really work, 
But still if we had held on tight ,
May be we could just turn the times,
I guess now we will never know, 
A question that I still fear to answer,
What if I had never let you go ?
Would you be the one,
With whom I would love to grow old ? 

( In's better to take time in making decisions, rather than repent later) 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

परींदे ( Parindey )

Spicy Saturday

हमारी आंखो का तारा,
दुलारा हो गया सयाना,
माना नहीं आज तुझे जरुरत,  
चल्ने को हमारि ऊंग्ली का सहारा,
और शायद ही याद हो तुझे,  
मॉ ने हाँथोसे खिलया प्यार भरा निवाला,
निकला अप्ने पंख पसारे,  
ऊड्ता घरसे दूर देस चला,
ओ नादान परिंदे घर आजा,
क्यों अपना देश छोड कहि और बसेरा ??

कहॉ देस बिदेस फिरे मारा,
क्यों खुद युहि थका हारा,
ऐसे सब कुछ छोड चला,
डॅल्लर कमाने कि चाह मैं,
क्यो रिश्तोंको तु बिखेर चला,     
खूब रफ्तार से तु दौड रहा,
फंसला दर्मियान और बढा रहा,
शयाद हम्से ना हो पायेगा,
तेरि गती को अब पेह्लेसा नाप्ना,
उमर के इस आखरी पडाव पर,
खुद ही खुद से अंगिनत हम सवाल कर,
पीछे मुड के तु कभी देख पयेगा ?
हमारी फिकर से परेशान, तु कभी दौड अयेगा ?
क्या कभी हमरा सहारा बन पयेगा ?
या हमै ऐसे ही भुल जयेगा ?

कितनि भी भर ले उंचि ऊडान ,
तेरि फिकर से मन ये हमेशा परेशान,   
तेरि वपसि का करेंगे इंत्जार,
ओ नादान परिंदे घर आजा,
कयो अप्नोंको छोड, कही और बसेरा ??
अ‍भी भी देर नहि हुइ, अब तो घर आजा !!

( My tribute to those Parents, who are left by themselves by their NRI kids ) 

Friday, August 17, 2012

A Lifetime Together ...

You and me, together as One,
A fabric so rustic,and lovingly woven,
Stitched at the seams, with threading’s of love,
A bonding so strong, that nothing can go wrong,
Through good & bad, concreting a bond,
Lasting a life long, a commitment so strong, 
Like a chorus and verse, together a song,
A candle & a wick, together a flame,
Feelings so mutual, and handled with care,
The sharing of dreams, and union of wishes,
A strength of the future, derived from now,
Like Bodies two, engulfed in one soul,
All for a purpose, an everlasting bond,
Soulful a journey, and a lifetime together… 

Sunday, August 05, 2012

बाज़ार... (Bazaar)

बिकता हर इंसान यहाँ,
बिकती है सुबह और श्याम,
बेबस लाचार इंसान यहाँ,
ये दुनिया एक बाज़ार

पहरा यहाँ छल कपट का,
झूठ ही बुनियाद,
दम तोड़ रहा सच यहाँ, 
जो भारी पैसे का पलड़ा,
खरीदार हर अमीर यहाँ,
बिगड़ गया इंसान यहाँ,
ये दुनिया एक बाज़ार,

नीलाम हो रही माँ यहाँ,
बलि चढ़ रही बेटियाँ,
लगी रिश्तों की बोलियाँ,  
हर गली नुक्कड़ पर देखो,
खेली जाती खून की होलिया,
बिगड़ गया इंसान यहाँ,
ये दुनिया एक बाज़ार,

एक दौड़ मैं सभी लगे पड़े,
मन में कई से डर लिए,
हैरान परेशान यहाँ वहाँ,
दुश्मन खुद के बने हूए,
पैसा बना भगवान यहाँ
ये देख वक़्त भी हैरान,
बेबस लाचार इंसान यहाँ,
ये दुनिया एक बाज़ार… 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


What is life . . . a stage ?
Know what character you are playing
What is life. . . a mirror ?
Try to set your image clear..
What is life. . . a puppet show ?
Beware of the strings in whose hands they go..
What is life. . . a windy night ?
Plan it out the previous night..
What is life. . . a dream come true ?
Be happy to cherish the moments delight..
What is life. . . a struggle ?
Work it out till you reach your goal..
What is life. . . a lover's paradise ?
Love it from the bottom of your heart..
What is life. . . a valuable gift ?
Preserve it to make the best of it..
What is life . . . a task to be fulfilled ?
Rush it out day and night..
What is life . . .a boyfriend ?
Don't waste time just date it dear !!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Everlasting Love...

We were together all the time,
Drenched in each other's love,
His sorrow made me Cry,
My happiness made him laugh,
We shared all the joys and sorrows..
And shared & faced the troubled times.

Days were flying but little did we know,
That this journey was soon to end,
Due to his untimely death...
All was over, even before we knew,
That we were love birds made for each other.

Life's long and all alone in difficult times,
But I still feel the strength within,
Co'z I have his love and memories to cherish,
I know he's loved me and is still with me,
Guiding me up there and watching me over,
Although he's not here today, he still cares for me,
I know this is everlasting love which nothing can change...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Being a Father…

I remember the moment,
The day she was born,
When I carried her in my arms,
Nervous and unsure,
If I held her tight,
The rolling of tears,
And the moment of Pride
How I tried to comfort her, 
As she cried & wriggled in my arms,
My loving little angel,
So gentle & fragile,
A moment so amazing,
To see my reflection so right,
As I touched her little fingers,
She caught them tight,
It was her Dad,
May be she did recognize,
Life’s more beautiful now,
As she takes her baby steps,
A delight to watch her grow,
Venturing me into a new role,
For my Bundle Of Joy,
And a Dad in the making…

( Emotions of a first time father, as he holds his new born daughter in his arms )

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Friendship is sweet bond,
Binding you in a golden string
That's invisible,but can make you feel,
The strength of togetherness,
Friendship is a relation so pure & innocent,
That teaches you to sacrifice,
A bond full of meaning,
So very precious and rare,
Friendship doesn't make you compete,
With your loved ones,
But only makes way for them,
Inspite of all the hinderances,
Friendship makes Stranger's come close,
Make them share their joys and sorrows...
You open your minds,
Cry and laugh your hearts out,
And that's what matter's when,
You are at ease, co'z only a Friend,
And his true friendship has that feel…

Saturday, July 07, 2012

If Tomorrow Never Comes...

Life's an Enigma, with events of happenings,
Living for tomorrow, can be an unfulfilled wish,
Today is what u hold, see that it might not slip,
Tomorrow is not guaranteed,You may be short of time,
Else not have it at all...

May be you still have to act,
Wave a good bye to your dear one,
Or bring a smile to a crying child,
You might still have to forgive your friend,
Or hug your Mom telling how much you love her,
U need to say sorry to a friend you once hurt,
Or thank someone for being with you always,
Confess your love to someone eagerly waiting,
Or discuss things you have avoided your entire life,
Still to go on long walks with those unending talks,
Or wear that dress you kept for an occasion,

It scares and brings shiver's when thoughts flash my mind,
Of all the things unspoken, still needed to be heard,
Of leaving without expressing, of an exit without performing,
Only a thought....What if Tomorrow Never Comes ?

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Soch rahi hu,
Thoda yaad kara du tujhe,
Tera woh packing ka saaman,
Pata hai Jagah hai kam,
Par ek zindagi ko sametna ka hai sawaal,

Kabhi socha hai,
kaha rakkhogi ?
Bachpan aur jawani ka aalam ?  
Woh yaadein, woh lamhein,
Woh hasee ke fawwarein,
Woh zhagde, woh aasu,
Woh mom ki daatein,
Gam aur khushi ke woh pal,
Aur phool jaise nazuk se rishtein,

Jaate Jaate samet lena in sabko,
Har us rishte aur lamhe ko,
Jisne tumhe banaya, sarhaya,
Udna sikhaya aur zindagi ko sajaya,

Kaske potli me apne,
baandh lo inhein,
Har ek cheez ka rakkho khayal,
Bina kuch Idhar udhar giraye,
Kisi bhi yaad ko bina bhulaye,
Ki jab bhi hamari yaad sataye,
Khol ke is potli ko,
Tu hamesha muskuraye…

( This is a message from an elder sister to her younger sister who is on the verge of getting married )

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

हजारों ख्वाहिशे ऐसी...(Hazaron Khwahishein Aisi)

ज़िंदगी के सफर में,
उम्र के हर पड़ाव पर,
जब सोंच के परिंदोंने ली उड़ान,
जन्मी हजारों ख्वाहिशे ऐसी, 
न जाने कैसी कैसी, मानो हसीन सपनो जैसी...

जो कभी तन्हा बैठे अकेले में,
सोचते हम अक्सर यू ही कभी,
की ये जो सारे सपने है,
जिस तरह से संभाले हमने है,
बरसातें दिलों में जो सावन है,
और हमारे दिल के अपने है,
आंखोंमें जिनहे सँजोया है,
प्यार से जिसे सजाया है
तकिये से लेके सोये है,
और सू भी बन के बहे है,
वक़्त रहते इस जीवन में,
क्या पूरे होंगे भी ये कभी ?

जब ख़्वाहिशों को पाने की छाह में,
एक कोशिश मन में ठान ली,
परवाह करे क्यो उस वक़्त की ?  
लुफ्त उठाये बस चल दिये,
उस जीने की चाह में,
हजारों ख्वाहिशे ऐसी,
न जाने कैसी कैसी, मानो हसीन सपनो जैसी...

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Rain...

The clouds when they go dark,
Drizzle droplets of rain all over,
Taking me through an experience,
As I stand there soaked feeling the rain,
My heart falls open when I stand in the rain…

For some it’s sorrow, for some it’s joy,
This is truly not what I understand,
 If sunshine for some is all about happiness,
Then they have never danced in the rain,
I feel no sorrow, I feel no pain,
I feel so complete when I am in the rain...

A sprinkle of love, joy and hope,
 I admire the beauty that it unfolds,
The anxiety of surprises it has to offer,
I feel amazed for the solace it showers,   
Mesmerising me with its magical dance,
Only to soar my spirits so high,
I learn of the embrace which it gives,
The courage I gather to swim against the tide,
An unconditional offering cleansing my heart n soul,   
The effect so soothing, it has on my mind…
I feel so complete when I am in the rain...
My heart falls open when I stand in the rain…