Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What If …

Sometimes as I sit alone,
And look back upon life,
I often keep pondering,
Of a thought in my mind,
Haunting me over and again,
Putting a spade upon my heart,
That so much refuses to leave,
As I see you walk out of the door ,
And sense you out of my life,
A question that I fear to answer,
What if I had never let you go?
Would you be the man,
I always wanted to know ? 

And then I keep wondering ,
With a guilt in my heart,  
And endless questions in my mind,
If only I could still put up stayed, 
And that if you had really tried,
Had I not stopped making an effort,
And if our relation,
Had got some more time,
If you had only prayed ,
That I always be by your side,
We still could have stayed together,
It’s not that we did not try,
But one more chance,
We surely did deserve,
Not sure if things would really work, 
But still if we had held on tight ,
May be we could just turn the times,
I guess now we will never know, 
A question that I still fear to answer,
What if I had never let you go ?
Would you be the one,
With whom I would love to grow old ? 

( In's better to take time in making decisions, rather than repent later) 


  1. Biju Appu12:47 AM

    Good expressions of hope and possibilities :) , Hope people realize that is Love is what it matters in the end, the form of love does not matter

    1. Thanks Biju...and I agree with you !

  2. Just wow. I guess the regret of not having said things when things were on our side, really weighs us down.. Lovely one.

  3. Very beautifully written .... and a lighter way ....." chance kabhi last nahi hota ....hamesha 2nd last hota hai " :)...from Hasee toh Phasee :)