Sunday, July 22, 2012

Everlasting Love...

We were together all the time,
Drenched in each other's love,
His sorrow made me Cry,
My happiness made him laugh,
We shared all the joys and sorrows..
And shared & faced the troubled times.

Days were flying but little did we know,
That this journey was soon to end,
Due to his untimely death...
All was over, even before we knew,
That we were love birds made for each other.

Life's long and all alone in difficult times,
But I still feel the strength within,
Co'z I have his love and memories to cherish,
I know he's loved me and is still with me,
Guiding me up there and watching me over,
Although he's not here today, he still cares for me,
I know this is everlasting love which nothing can change...


  1. There was so much pain and love in your writing. Your poem moved me beyond description. Really soul stirring. Beautifully written.

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  3. @ Raj - thanks for the kind words
    @ Devendra - feels good to hear that it touched ur heart
    @ Sreeja - thanks for the award

  4. beautiful, sometimes to be parted is the very thing that sustains love. in realitiy the longer the togetherness, the lesser the realisation of love

  5. Hi Jerly, normally when all is well, we tend to take things for granted ! It's the separation, pain and void in life that makes us realise things.

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