Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Over Again...

It was definitely love that brought us close,
We exchanged our wow’s on the wedding altar,
Holding hands tight, with love and faith,
We emerged strongly through the winds of age.

Over the period I now feel a change,
 I somehow fear things are not the same,
Something’s amiss, that love has lost its charm,
Could it be, it may cause us some harm ?
Pocketed moments appear to have spilled,
Gathering them, has now become a myth,
I am wondering where & what went wrong,
What do we do to revive the old magic strong ?

Remember the road, we walked in the rain
Bare footed though, and still no signs of pain,
The dinners you cooked, on Saturday nights,
And decorated the walls, with memories of mine,
The Shakespeare you recited, holding a glass of wine,
Those lovely flowers, that brought twinkle in my eyes
Going on long drives, in the middle of the night,
Beach walks together, leaving footprints on sands of time,
Sweet little whispers, transforming into naughty smiles,
Just can’t forget, the feeling so divine.

All this so precious, that our hearts hold dear,
It hurt’s no end, to imagine, it’s existence in fear,
Can’t we still stand a chance to revive it again ?
Come… lets fall in love, all over again…
And keep it going ...... again & again !


  1. Prashobh10:01 AM

    Hi Vaishali

    I had no idea you write!
    I'll catch up on your blogs when time permits :-)

    Keep going


  2. Beautiful poem wish they fall in love again and get the charm back.

  3. Hmm... I wish the same too !

  4. That's a lovely poem. :) Few lines are just awesome.

  5. Hey...It's really a lovely poem :) Could feel the emotions... the way it's expressed .....keep up the good work ....Vaishu:)