Sunday, July 29, 2012


What is life . . . a stage ?
Know what character you are playing
What is life. . . a mirror ?
Try to set your image clear..
What is life. . . a puppet show ?
Beware of the strings in whose hands they go..
What is life. . . a windy night ?
Plan it out the previous night..
What is life. . . a dream come true ?
Be happy to cherish the moments delight..
What is life. . . a struggle ?
Work it out till you reach your goal..
What is life. . . a lover's paradise ?
Love it from the bottom of your heart..
What is life. . . a valuable gift ?
Preserve it to make the best of it..
What is life . . . a task to be fulfilled ?
Rush it out day and night..
What is life . . .a boyfriend ?
Don't waste time just date it dear !!!


  1. very nice poem. I especially liked this line- What is life, a puppet show? Beware of the strings in whose hands they go.

  2. Thanks ...I like that line too !

  3. Anonymous9:13 AM

    nice one...

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