Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Withering...

It was a dusky evening
For me, like a beginning of an end,
When reality struck me
That I tested HIV positive.

I felt the fear building inside me,
As loneliness and pain surrounded me,
Clueless as what the future held,
Helpless I stood as time slipped away,

I knew not the worst was still to come,
As distanced I was from my friends,
No longer to my family did I belong,
Just left like a loner in the crowd,

Where ever I went , where ever I was,
All eyes watched me over and again,
With fear and sympathy for a distressed life,
Like an accused of a unforgiven crime,

Rather than fight against my death,
I had a task to fight for my self respect,
Just a normal life that I longed for,
I did not want to die before my death,

If asked was I for a wish to be fulfilled ,
If only we were treated as human beings,
Just a helping of love and compassion ,
Not depriving us of our normal life ,
As this could also happen to you,
For petal by petal life withers away…


  1. Very touching Vaishu.
    Petal by petal life withers away

  2. Hi Mak, thanks for your feedback.

  3. Deep and Thoughtful ....