Saturday, July 03, 2010


I hear the voice of silence,
It speaks volumes of love and pain,
I hear the voice of silence,
You need to be silent to hear the same.
Silence of the first love,
awaiting the spring to blossom.
Silence of the ageing parents,
who are left to themselves.
Silence of an orphan child,
awaiting an adoption.
Silence of the hungry millions,
waiting to get their daily bread.
Silence of the grieving mother,
over her stillborn child.
Silence of the prayers offered,
that await the grace of almighty.
Silence of the distressed lives,
awaiting their end to come near.
Silence of death...the ultimate truth,
Only thing it says...
there's no life ahead...


  1. This 'silence' speaks a thousand words. Touching.

  2. Hello Mak, thanks for the feedback.