Saturday, July 14, 2012

On Being a Father…

I remember the moment,
The day she was born,
When I carried her in my arms,
Nervous and unsure,
If I held her tight,
The rolling of tears,
And the moment of Pride
How I tried to comfort her, 
As she cried & wriggled in my arms,
My loving little angel,
So gentle & fragile,
A moment so amazing,
To see my reflection so right,
As I touched her little fingers,
She caught them tight,
It was her Dad,
May be she did recognize,
Life’s more beautiful now,
As she takes her baby steps,
A delight to watch her grow,
Venturing me into a new role,
For my Bundle Of Joy,
And a Dad in the making…

( Emotions of a first time father, as he holds his new born daughter in his arms )


  1. Nice one. I am not sure why no one talks about the relation between a dad and a daughter.

  2. Yes ...I wonder this being a wonderful relation is less spoken.

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