Saturday, July 07, 2012

If Tomorrow Never Comes...

Life's an Enigma, with events of happenings,
Living for tomorrow, can be an unfulfilled wish,
Today is what u hold, see that it might not slip,
Tomorrow is not guaranteed,You may be short of time,
Else not have it at all...

May be you still have to act,
Wave a good bye to your dear one,
Or bring a smile to a crying child,
You might still have to forgive your friend,
Or hug your Mom telling how much you love her,
U need to say sorry to a friend you once hurt,
Or thank someone for being with you always,
Confess your love to someone eagerly waiting,
Or discuss things you have avoided your entire life,
Still to go on long walks with those unending talks,
Or wear that dress you kept for an occasion,

It scares and brings shiver's when thoughts flash my mind,
Of all the things unspoken, still needed to be heard,
Of leaving without expressing, of an exit without performing,
Only a thought....What if Tomorrow Never Comes ?


  1. truth woven into beautiful words....beutifuly written

  2. Hello Alka, appreciate your comments !