Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Friendship is sweet bond,
Binding you in a golden string
That's invisible,but can make you feel,
The strength of togetherness,
Friendship is a relation so pure & innocent,
That teaches you to sacrifice,
A bond full of meaning,
So very precious and rare,
Friendship doesn't make you compete,
With your loved ones,
But only makes way for them,
Inspite of all the hinderances,
Friendship makes Stranger's come close,
Make them share their joys and sorrows...
You open your minds,
Cry and laugh your hearts out,
And that's what matter's when,
You are at ease, co'z only a Friend,
And his true friendship has that feel…


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  2. Absolutely wonderful, Vaishali:)

  3. @ Steve - I will surely check your blogs. I am a nature lover too !

    @ Yashwant - Thanks..You will shortly see some more hindi poems from me :-)

    @ Amit - Thanks for motivation, Your blogs inspire me too !

  4. very beautiful words on friendship...

  5. Beautifully written, Vaishali! :)

    I've added you as the recipient of Liebster Award.

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    Enjoy! :)